A new book is transforming marriages in Women’s Ministries!

In a private setting, sincere Christian woman repeatedly reveal that after only a few years (or even months) of marriage, their Prince Charming has lost his charm. After learning the principles in Wife School, Where Women Learn the Secrets of Making Husbands Happy, these same women find their marriages revolutionized. Affection and closeness take a quantum leap. This remarkable progress occurs because Wife School teaches women what husbands want and need at a deep soul level, making the husband outrageously happy.

Along with the Wife School book, a companion course and study guide, Wife School Advanced, will be available soon. When women read this book and take this course, Julie has found the marriage transformation is equal to what women in her 3-year discipleship groups experienced! Click on the Testimonials tab above to read what women have said about Wife School.

Wife School Online, previously 22 illustrated, electronic lessons sent via email, will be released in its entirety as Wife School Advanced this fall. Your Women’s Ministry leader can then go through the lessons with the women enrolled in the Wife School course on their own schedule and convenience. The best situation is for the pastor’s wife or the Women’s Ministry Leader to take some older godly women through the study first (the Titus 2 model). Then, with transformed and freshly renewed marriages, these women then take the younger women in the church through the study.

If you are in Women’s Ministry and would like a free copy of the book, Wife School, Where Women Learn the Secrets of Making Husbands Happy, please send an email with your name, church, and mailing address to JulieNGordon2012@gmail.com. With the book, we will also send you the first 5 lessons of Wife School Advanced (the free companion curriculum) so you can sample the material. The lessons include everything needed for a weekly lesson divided into five days, complete with assignments and discussion questions. Also, a free packet will be sent to the Women’s Ministry Leader with instructions on how to wisely facilitate a group and much more.

All you need is a few godly women to facilitate the groups and for each student to purchase a book on Amazon (or if you order over 50 books, we can get you a discount). A normal schedule for a semester of curriculum in most Women’s Ministries is approximately 10-12 weeks. The Wife School companion course has 22 lessons which can be divided into two semesters or used in one semester where the women finish the last lessons on their own (which they do!).

Embark on a journey that will enhance the marriages in your church beyond what you can imagine.

Please feel free to email Julie at JulieNGordon2012@gmail.com with any questions.