Welcome to my website and blog. My calling from the Lord at this time is to help women in three specific areas: marriage, weight/health, and overcoming discouragement.

Skinny School, Where Women Learn the Secrets to Finally Get Thin Forever
is available on Amazon. Skinny School is the humorous story of 28-year-old single-but-savvy Jackie Holbrook, who has struggled with an excess 40 pounds for 13 years. The secrets that Jackie learns in Skinny School “flip the switch” and enable her to get to her goal weight by teaching her how to “think” about food and eating. If you can learn to type, you can learn these nine life-transforming principles which will enable you to look at junk food, desserts, excess carbs, and sugar, and “choose to not have it”. This is the magic of the program, learning how to “think” so you can choose to eat for nutrition and hunger, not for self-soothing or entertainment. 

The online course, Skinny School Online, is currently being revised and will be released in its entirety as Skinny School Advanced this fall. To be notified when the new course is available, sign up for the Skinny School blog.

Earlier this year, my daughter Elizabeth and I hosted a brand new event, Skinny School LIVE. This was Skinny School and Skinny School Online on steroids, complete with new material, new exercises, new strategies, and an exciting live coaching experience! Research has shown that women in groups lose a significant amount more weight than those who try to lose weight alone…and now you don’t have to do this alone any longer! We are considering offering this class again in 2017 but no date has been set. To be the first to know about a 2017 Skinny School LIVE offering, follow my Skinny School blog. No matter how many times a woman has tried and failed before, Skinny School works because it’s a program that retrains the brain how to think about food and eating. We will walk you through, step by step, how to get out of the Food Dungeon…and you might even have a terrific time while you’re doing it.

My first book, Wife School: Where Women Learn the Secrets of Making Husbands Happy, is also available at Amazon. Few things thrill me more than to help a woman transform her marriage. Almost 2000 women have been through the 22-week online course, Wife School Online to study the Biblical principles—as well as the art—of marriage. The lessons accompany the book, Wife School, Where Women Learn the Secrets of Making Husbands Happy. Many students say that the free 22-week online course was the accountability they needed to ultimately transform their marriages (read these testimonials to learn more). Like Skinny School Online, Wife School Online is currently being revised and will be released in its entirety as Wife School Advanced this fall. To be notified when the new course is available, sign up for the Wife School blog.

I want to help you make your marriage rock, help you get thin and healthy, and help you overcome discouragement and replace it with abounding joy. To your success in these areas! God bless!