Welcome to my website and blog, where my mission is to make marriages sing, to help women learn how to think correctly about food (and therefore, weight problems are a thing of the past), and to help women learn how to think correctly so that they are able to conquer discouragement.

My latest book that my husband and I co-authored together, Husband School, is now available!

Just as Wife School teaches women how to love and understand their husbands, Husband School teaches men how to make their wives ridiculously happy. In this comical story, Jason, the protagonist, often feels that much of what his wife wants is unnecessary and inconvenient. But Jason learns—as will the reader—that the principles in Husband School make marriages soar as husbands learn how to unlock the souls of their wives.

Included in Husband School is a 12-Week Group Discussion Guide for men’s small groups.

The free online courses that were previously used to supplement Wife School (Wife School Online) and Skinny School (Skinny School Online) are now available for free on this website under the Lessons tab. Studying Wife School Online with a small group of friends (or a mentor) has shown to have permanent and life-changing results in marriages. Women realize their husband wants something that is not important to them. After meeting the needs of their husbands, wives realize their husband’s hearts are now open to hear what she wants (and then (!), she asks him to read Husband School).

The lessons in Skinny School Online are really weight loss coaching. They teach you to get your mind in the right place, which eventually changes your brain to not want Trash Food!  Find some friends and meet once a week to learn the secrets to forever change your relationship with food.

I’m looking forward to helping you learn how to achieve the marriage of your dreams and the weight you’ve always longed for.

I am currently writing Happy School: How to Think Correctly About What’s Missing and Disappointing in Your Life. Although this book will not be released until late 2019, I am now sharing much of the content in my blogs. You can sign up for my blogs here.

Thanks for visiting my website. My hope is that you are encouraged in the Lord.