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How Should We Think About Grief?

One of my early readers of Happy School asked me about the emotion of grief as she had recently lost a dear, older relative. Another reader in a different group lost her baby girl when the infant was 3 months old. Many of us have experienced heart-wrenching grief. Grief is an important human emotion and is a…

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Happy School is now available!

Although bright and attractive, 32-year-old Darby McKesney has struggled with heavy discouragement for several years. Many areas in Darby’s life—her love life, her job, her family-of-origin, etc.—are a huge disappointment. A Wisdom Character arrives and enrolls Darby in Happy School, where he promises to teach her the 10 secrets that will transform her mindset. Walk along with…

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Increase the Satisfaction in Your Marriage

No matter what stage of life you are in, your satisfaction in your marriage will greatly increase after going through the 12-week Joint Reading Schedule for Husband School and Wife School with your spouse. Just as you must learn to drive a car, the skills required to have a great marriage are not in-borne and must be learned. But learning what your spouse wants…

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