For decades, psychologists studied people who were unhappy, trying to figure out how to upgrade their happiness level. But a few years ago, along came some psychologists who studied happy people, uncovering their secrets. 

One of the most powerful discoveries these psychologists made was that everyone has a self-talk. In fact, they learned you can “listen in” on your own self-talk. You can even refute your self-pity, your regrets, your tendency to focus on what’s missing and disappointing, etc. You can learn how to choose to quarantine negativity and actually learn how to overcome a pessimistic tendency (even in the midst of unwanted circumstances). 

Humans actually have the same WMD thoughts every day (What’s Missing and Disappointing) but we can learn to reframe and replace those with healthier thoughts. When negative events occur, we tend to “awfulize and catastrophize,” assuming the worst instead of learning how to give situations a more positive interpretation. We often wrestle excessively and unnecessarily with aging, in-laws, co-workers, and our financial situations when we could learn a much better way to think about (and thus solve) our problems. 

I’ve written two companion books on this topic, Happy School and the Happy School Study Guide, that together have resolved decades of depression and deep discouragement in some of my students. Using God’s Word as the foundation for how to think, you can learn how to have courage, walk by faith, slay mental giants, and live above unwanted circumstances.

I am starting a private book club group on Facebook where we will study and discuss the 2 books. Click HERE to request to join the Happy School Book Club. The club begins Monday, August 9. All you need to participate in the group are the two books, Happy School and the Happy School Study Guide, both available on Amazon. Read Lesson 1/Week 1 in each book before we begin the group on August 9. 

You may not be a natural Cinderella who wakes up singing with the birds, but you can absolutely change the landscape of your mind and become a happier, more positive person. 

Text a couple friends to join you and then together, learn how to spectacularly elevate your mood!

In Christ,
Julie Gordon