Happy School: Where Women Learn the Secrets to Overcoming Discouragement and Worry

Although bright and attractive, 32-year-old Darby McKesney has struggled with heavy discouragement for several years. Many areas in Darby’s life—her love life, her job, her family-of-origin, etc.—are a huge disappointment.

A Wisdom Character arrives and enrolls Darby in Happy School, where he promises to teach her the 10 secrets that will transform her mindset.

Walk along with Darby as she learns how to revolutionize her thoughts and emotions and obtain a level of happiness she never thought possible. Happy School, Where Women Learn the Secrets to Overcome Discouragement and Worry is now available at Amazon.com.


Husband School: Where Men Learn the Secrets to Making Wives Happy

Jason York is a charming, good-looking, and talented personal trainer to multi-millionaires in Dallas. Everything in Jason’s life seems amazing except his exasperating, unaffectionate wife, Christina. Secretly, Jason would like to get out of the marriage as his wife seems like an endless tangle of knots. A Wisdom Character arrives and teaches Jason the 11 secrets of how to love his wife in a language she can hear. The secret to decoding the mind of your wife is out, and you can learn it in Husband School.


Skinny School: Where Women Learn the Secrets to Finally Get Thin Forever

IN A PRIVATE SETTING, sincere Christian women repeatedly reveal their agony and hopelessness in conquering their weight issues. After only a couple of weeks, the women in Skinny School groups see the escape hatch out of the Food Dungeon—and begin to drop pound after pound. Because these women have learned to think differently about food and eating, their weight problems are solved forever.

This self-help diet book is a humorous story in which the witty, single protagonist, Jackie—who feels like she will be shackled with excess weight forever—learns the secrets to finally get thin. Enroll now with Jackie in Skinny School and embark on a journey that will transform how you think about food and eating. Soon, you will hear yourself ask, “Do you have this dress in a size four?”

Skinny School, Where Women Learn the Secrets to Finally Get Thin Forever, is now available at Amazon. The Skinny School Advanced companion course is now available under the Skinny School Advanced tab on my website.


Wife School: Where Women Learn The Secrets Of Making Husbands Happy

IN A PRIVATE SETTING, sincere Christian women repeatedly reveal that after only a few years (or even months) of marriage, their Prince Charming has lost his charm. After learning the principles in Wife School, these same women find their marriages revolutionized. Affection and closeness take a quantum leap. This remarkable progress occurs because Wife School teaches women what their husbands want and need at a deep soul level, making the husband outrageously happy. Subsequently, the husband is then open to his wife’s influence.

This self-help marriage book is a laugh-out-loud story in which the bratty and abrasive protagonist, Jessica—who thinks her marriage is beyond repair—learns the secrets to grow a soul-stirring marriage.

Having a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling, I have counseled and mentored women for over twenty years. Having also read over five hundred books on relationships during that time, the secrets that women need to know to make their husbands happy and their marriages sing, have floated to the top. Marriage after marriage has been revolutionized as women have mastered the principles in Wife School. These precepts teach a woman how to love a man in a language he can understand.

Learning these principles takes time, as they are against many of women’s natural inclinations. In my mentoring groups, I have discovered that often a year or more of being immersed in these new thought patterns is necessary for this monumental change to occur in a woman’s mind-set. That is why I encourage young women to form a group and ask an older, godly woman to lead them through the companion Bible study at the end of this book. Even after much instruction, “tune-ups” are constantly necessary as women are prone to wander back to contentiousness (Genesis 3:16).

Granted, this is a lot of work. Wives must persevere in giving even in the face of her husband not reciprocating. This is the man you were given to love, and it is your calling to “bring him good, not harm, all the days of his life” (Proverbs 31:12). However, what is more important to a woman than an intimate, satisfying marriage? Very little, I have found. No woman has ever regretted the time she spent learning the principles that grow a satisfying and soul-stirring marriage.

Jessica, the protagonist in the story, is an example of today’s married Christian woman who is on Facebook, watches American Idol, and is disappointed with her marriage. It is evident in the following story (by the protagonist’s internal monologue) that Jessica is extremely misdirected in how to be a loving wife. Let the companion Bible study to this story help you see the difference between her heart and the one God wants you as a wife to develop.

In the same way that the authors of Charlotte’s Web, The Velveteen Rabbit, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe have used toys and animals to speak profound truths, I have used a genie to convey wisdom in this story. He is not the goofy genie of Disney or the silly genie played by Shaq; this genie is a wise and relentless counselor who instructs the abrasive and messy Jessica how to transform her marriage.

The Wife School Advanced companion course is available under the Wife School Online (Advanced) tab on my website. Previously Wife School Online, this course has had almost 2000 women enrolled and quantumly increases the results of the book, Wife School.

And now, let the magic begin as you and Jessica learn the lessons that lavishly renovate your marriages as you both enroll in Wife School.