Hello Friends, 

A new 16-week Skinny School course on learning how to eat for good-tasting nutrition INSTEAD of for entertainment and self-soothing is beginning soon. The answer to getting (and staying) thin is not only retraining your brain on how to think about food (although that is massively important)–it is also necessary to address the underlying mental/spiritual/emotional issues that are pressing you to numb yourself from unpleasant emotions.  

Giving up something as powerful as instant pleasure to self-soothe is no easy thing. You may know this, but the reason we hate to part with our substances is because they invoke a mood  alteration. For this reason, our course will discuss many of the driving forces of our overeating, such as resentment, anger, anxiety, etc. The goal is to help you build a life you don’t have to numb as well as to find color and zest in other areas besides food.

Trash food (even excess good food) numbs disappointment and softens life. It masks boredom and sadness. That’s why a diet and exercise program alone don’t work. There are underlying issues driving overeating. 

Of course, there are many unfulfilled expectations and disappointments in life trying to slam us to the ground. But we will attempt to learn how to handle these unwanted intruders appropriately and not eat them down. This is your one life on earth. I know you want to make the best contribution possible and you hate the time and energy you waste worrying about what to wear. You don’t need a filler for life. God gave you gifts so you will use them and then feel awake and alive. 

I know there is legitimate stress in life–there are financial concerns, grief, betrayal, rejection, boredom, loneliness, health issues, accidents, and many others. But you can learn to LIVE ABOVE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES instead of succumbing to self-pity, then slinking to comfort. We are made in God’s image to be OVERCOMERS. 

Please join us in the free private Facebook group, Skinny School Community. We start this Monday. You will need a copy of the book, Skinny School, as well as the Skinny School Study Guide, which contains the 16 weeks of lessons that we will study. 

Let’s address the unwanted and annoying beast of overeating that clings to you!

Looking forward to the next 16 weeks with you,

Julie Gordon