Women take tennis lessons to improve their backhand, they sign up for cooking classes to improve their gourmet flare, but few women spend the necessary time to learn the art of being a Marriage Champion. Almost 2000 women have enrolled in the 22-week online study of Wife School: Where Women Learn the Secrets of Making Husbands Happy. This fall, the companion course Wife School Advanced will be released in its entirety. To learn more about this course and stay up to date with its release, follow the Wife School blog.

Here is what a few of the recent grads had to say about Wife School Online…

“I DO want to mention that the change in (husband’s) attitude toward me continues to be so amazing! It’s as if he’s “drawn” to me!!…I. love. it! His affection toward me meets MY deepest need.”

“I have to brag about something that my husband did. So, last night one of the sister-in-laws…told me that my husband was bragging to her husband about how much Wife School has helped our marriage and that I have become a better wife. This truly melted my heart.”

You’ve helped save my marriage!” 

 I love the new me and so does my husband. He is amazed at my transformation. He thought it was all an act until recently he realized I really did transform.” 

“I just finished Wife School and I want to thank you for opening my eyes. I noticed a difference in just two days of giving my husband the 8 A’s. I am so excited for my new future with my husband because I know now it will only get better. I was online looking for a studio apartment for myself so that I could leave him, when I stumbled (on your website). This definitely was God sent. No doubt! I am truly grateful to you for the gift of this book. I am sure you saved thousands of marriages. God bless you Julie and THANK YOU!” 

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