Turquoise Journal 1

Note from the Author: An important aspect of a reader’s success in Wife School is the written exercises that Genie asks Jessica to do. These exercises are actually based on the life-changing principles of ‘cognitive restructuring’, which simple means, thinking different thoughts (Philippians 4:8). Genie instructs Jessica to use a Turquoise Journal to complete the written exercises he assigns her, although any notebook will do. This workbook portion of Wife School is a must for maximum success. 

Turquoise Journal List 1

Strengths, Gifts, and Qualities I Admire in My Husband (Chapter 2)

Turquoise Journal List 2

Things Other Husbands Do Wrong (Chapter 2)

Turquoise Journal List 3

Unmet Expectations I Have of My Husband (Chapter 2)

Turquoise Journal List 4

Nice Things My Husband Says or Does (Chapter 2)

Turquoise Journal List 5

Things My Husband Might Find Difficult to Accept in Me (Chapter 2)

Turquoise Journal List 6

One Hundred Things I Appreciate About My Husband (Chapter 4)

Turquoise Journal List 7

Activities My Husband and I Might Enjoy Together (Chapter 6)

Turquoise Journal List 8

My Eight Top Concerns/When to Use My Appeal Coupons (Chapter 9)