A couple weeks ago I was with a young woman who struggles with clinical depression. In fact, some days she can’t get out of bed. Then yesterday, I was with another young woman who said her life was an 8.5 out of 10 (normal contentment is a 7). Being born with a certain DNA certainly matters (as mothers know) but also, your family-of-origin is gigantic as far as forming who you are initially. We can’t escape our DNA nor can we escape our family-of-origin experience. 

However … we can learn how to think about our thinking and change our thinking patterns. The path to happiness has been discovered, documented, mapped, and categorized. We can learn how to accept and have courage in the face of despicable circumstances, as well as learn how to quarantine negativity. There is a lot you can do to upgrade your level of happiness. Learning how to overlook offenses in relationships as well as learning how to handle your self-pity and regrets, can substantially overhaul a discouraged, cynical, or melancholy disposition.

I am preparing to start a Facebook group called the Happy School Book Club. This book club will study Happy School and the Happy School Study Guide. The group will last 9 weeks and will follow the format of the Happy School Study Guide. You can just follow along, reading the two books and the group’s posts and comments, or you can actively participate and comment frequently. (The two books are available on Amazon.) If you’re ready to join, click HERE and request to join the Facebook group. The book club will begin Monday, August 9, 2021.

If you struggle with depression, chronic disappointment, or just want some help to get through a difficult season of life, please join me and learn the timeless secrets of a happy mind and heart. 

All our problems in life will never go away, but you can learn to think correctly about the obstacles in your life AND about what is missing and disappointing. You do not need to invent new rules for thinking about your problems; you only need to discover the correct ones.

God’s plan is for His children to rejoice, have courage, feel blessed, have hope, learn trust, walk by faith, and find opportunity in obstacles and trials. The ten principles we will study are all timeless, ancient principles. 

In Christ,
Julie Gordon