No matter what stage of life you are in, your satisfaction in your marriage will greatly increase after going through the 12-week Joint Reading Schedule for Husband School and Wife School with your spouseJust as you must learn to drive a car, the skills required to have a great marriage are not in-borne and must be learned. But learning what your spouse wants and needs is not rocket science.

Grab your couple friends and set aside one time a week to meet and go through the following 12-week Joint Reading Schedule. All discussion questions are included so all you need is a start date and time. (And maybe babysitters?)

12-Week Joint Reading Schedule for Husband School and Wife School

Husbands: In the back of Husband School on page 125, there is a “Twelve-Week Group Discussion Guide.” The reading schedule is laid out there, as well as questions for the facilitator. There is no supplemental reading. We have found that men do not want a larger assignment than this.

Wives: On my website,, click on the “Lessons” tab on the top menu. Then click on “Wife School Online.” There are 22 weeks of lessons. You will just do the first 12 weeks while your husband does his 12-week reading assignment.

Each week you will read a chapter in Wife School that corresponds to the online lesson. For example, in Week 1, women read chapter 1 in Wife School, and Lesson 1 in Wife School Online. Each online lesson is comprised of 5 days of reading. (We have found that women need and want much more material than men!) There are questions at the end of each online lesson for the facilitator to use for the weekly discussion.

As I said, there are 22 weeks of lessons for women but only 12 weeks of lessons for men. After the initial 12 weeks are up, women often choose to meet for 10 more sessions so they can continue to learn to understand their husbands. Women are the heart of the home, and it takes a lot of knowledge for a “wise woman to build her home.”

During the discussion time, men and women separate, so groups will need a male and female facilitator. (If childcare is a problem, men and women can meet at different times.)

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Blessings for a spectacular marriage,
Julie Gordon