Although bright and attractive, 32-year-old Darby McKesney has struggled with heavy discouragement for several years. Many areas in Darby’s life—her love life, her job, her family-of-origin, etc.—are a huge disappointment.

A Wisdom Character arrives and enrolls Darby in Happy School, where he promises to teach her the 10 secrets that will transform her mindset.

Walk along with Darby as she learns how to revolutionize her thoughts and emotions and obtain a level of happiness she never thought possible. Happy School, Where Women Learn the Secrets to Overcome Discouragement and Worry is now available at

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What Early Readers are saying about Happy School:

“This is my NEW MANUAL for living! Goodness, it’s the Hallmark Channel meets Self Help.” – Vicki L.

“The wisdom and insight from Happy School is life-changing…As I read this book now, all I want to do is cheer, ‘Thank you! Thank you!’” – Nancy G.

“I love the story, love the principles, and love the way it is written! Every one of your books is awesome but this might be the BEST!” – Leslie J.

“How I loved reading this book! It is pure gold!…these principles of changing our thinking changes our very lives.” – Sheri H.  

“The principles in Happy School have set me on a life-changing course…I cannot say enough positive things about this book—it will encourage everyone who struggles with ‘glass-half-empty’ tendencies.” – Bethany S.

“You are going to help so many women with this book, only eternity will tell!” – Denise H.

“This book proves changing your thinking changes your life.” – Kendall T.

“I am encouraged by this book…to choose to live a happy life, no matter my circumstances or past. The principles in this book are so profound and yet so simple.” – Jeanne N

Happy School was a breath of fresh air…I’m so thankful for the light and truth within these pages and for the first time in a while, I feel like I can fight for freedom within my mind.” – Chelsea B.