“This is not just another book on marriage. It wasn’t until I was taught the principles in Wife School that I learned how wives are supposed to treat their husbands. I was blind to my harsh tongue and controlling spirit. Julie’s witty humor will have you laughing out loud and her wisdom will leave you with a healthy marriage and a happy husband!”

Elizabeth Rosenblum, 33, married eight years, two children, Mentors High School Girls


“The principles that I have learned from Wife School have changed my marriage and therefore changed my life in unbelievable ways.  I have gone from a “good” marriage to an “exceptional” marriage (that almost seemed unattainable and unrealistic). Every wife needs to read this book.

-Jenny Hendrix, 33, married 7 years, 5 children


“The principles in Wife School have changed my life. The wisdom and guidance have reversed the effect the world had on my marriage. Both my husband and I are truly grateful. God’s ways are best, and I believe Julie has captured His design for the wife perfectly in this book.”

-Emily Wilson, 33, married 8 years, 3 children, mentors younger women


“In my twenty-six years of marriage, this is one of the best books I have read. I mentor a group of young mothers and would love for them to read Wife School. I found the story captivating. And I loved the character of the Genie. I wish I had one!”

-Michelle Noah, 57, Christian school art teacher, married twenty-six years, four children, Bible Study Leader, Mentors Women


Wife School has been life changing for me in understanding that I have the ability to transform my marriage and my life by turning my focus from the imperfections in my husband to all he does right. It is truly life altering.

-Kendall Tashie, 50, married thirty years, six children, Bible Study Leader, Mentors Women


“This is a game-changer in the world of marriage books. Incredibly insightful. I was reading Wife School at the pool, laughing out loud a bit, and this guy next to me asked me what I was reading.  ‘Well, it’s about marriage actually…and it’s really funny’.”

-Elizabeth Gullett, 26, Interior Designer, Married four years, Mentors High School Girls