The first draft of my second book, Skinny School is complete and I am now working on the second draft. Jackie, who is Jessica’s (the protagonist in Wife School) younger sister is our chubby protagonist. I hope you will love her. This past fall, I have been hosting a Skinny School group for women. Some of the women in this group have losses of 25 and 30 pounds, all since last fall because they have learned how to “think” correctly about the quality and quantity of the food they were eating. Several have “flipped” the switch and say “they will never return to eating like they used to”. Another girl has lost 60 pounds as we have been working together since last spring. I hope to start a Skinny School Online course to accompany the book, much like the Wife School Online course. If you are interested in the pilot program, I will send you a free e-copy of the book when it is ready, and also the Skinny School Online lessons. If you would like to be in this program, though, you will need to commit to do the assignments and report in weekly. If you are interested in joining the Skinny School Online pilot program, please send your name and email address to