Instead of the usual golf balls or striped ties, here are some ideas to delight your husband this Christmas:

1. Be fun again. When husbands marry their wives, one of the biggest expectations is that they are marrying a fun companion. But quickly after the ceremony, wives no longer want to have fun, but want to “get the work done”. Couples give up having fun together mainly because of the K word (kids). Your husband still wants to have fun with you WITHOUT the kiddos. I know everything is about the children in your opinion, but your husband still wants to enjoy YOU. 

2. Be very nice to his family. I hear this all the time: “But his family is wacky.” But they are HIS family and even though they might be wacky, he loves them, and wants you to treat them with equal honor as you do your own family. He is afraid to tell you, but he wishes you would do this.

3. Listen well. His topics are repeatedly the same, but those are the ones he is interested in. Don’t you want someone to listen to your “same” topics? Being a good listener is one of the best gifts you can give anyone.

4. Give him admiration in front of others. Tell your kids how hard Daddy works. Tell his parents how generous he is with you. Let others know (in front of him) what a terrific guy he is. We all crave admiration and you have the power to give it to him in front of others.

5. Accept his weakness set. This is a hard one to give because we women are a contentious bunch. We are easily disappointed and our expectations are high. But this man you married is a human and he has a weakness set (uhhhhh…like you). Overlook. Forego. Forgive. I know it’s not easy, but this is probably one of the most important things you can do to make your husband happier: get off his back about his weaknesses. Men HATE it when we bring emotional turmoil into their lives because of our disappointment with them.

6. Have a happy heart. Instead of being a whiny, needy, complaining wad of estrogen, get your needs met in prayer. Everyone gets tired of your complaining (they certainly get tired of mine). Decide to be a happy song in the lives of others.

7. Chapter 8. What is chapter 8? One of my husband’s friends called him recently and told him that for Christmas, he was asking his wife to re-read chapter 8 in Wife School. Chapter 8 is about the huge need men have for frequent, engaging sex (gulp).

I tried to order these items on Amazon, but they are sold out. If you can find where I can purchase them on the internet, please let me know.