(This is blog two in a series of eight, taken from Lesson 5, “Discover Your One-of-a-Kind Genius Zone and Set Your Current Top Life Goals” in Happy School, Where Women Learn the Secrets to Overcome Discouragement and Worry. You can access all 8 blogs in Lesson 5 HERE at JulieNGordon.com.)

Chronic boredom is a sure-fire sign of living below your capabilities and potential. Often, people are ridiculously bored but afraid to take a calculated risk. They are afraid of failing and then, what others might say or think. Deciding to use your Genius Zone is a choice you make in your heart with the Lord. And then, you throw your fearful heart over the fence. Your body will follow. Now you know how to control the Parade that Marches across Your Brain (Move into Another Room, Lesson 1) so when the fear of putting yourself out there arises, you know what to do.

Recently a young girl in one of my groups told me she was terribly bored with her  life, but because she was continuously criticized by her family as a child, she is now petrified to “put herself out there.” I explained to her that she is an adult now and that she can reframe, replace, and refute her family-of-origin’s past criticism. (And then of course—voila—there’s the beauty and majesty of quarantining, Lesson 2.) Her parents’ critical remarks do not define her; God does. He made her with gifts that He wants her to share with the world. 

It’s time to confront your boredom and your fear of failure, don’t you think? Fight to find a life you’re excited about using your Genius Zone and gifts to contribute to others in a meaningful way. 

No one is coming on a white horse to rescue you from your boredom. It is your responsibility to create a life that you enjoy—not your husband’s, not your children’s, no one but you. Life is ticking away. Don’t waste any more time. Remember, throw your heart over the fence and your body will follow. 

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