(This is blog eight in a series of eight, taken from Lesson 5, “Discover Your One-of-a-Kind Genius Zone and Set Your Current Top Life Goals” in Happy School, Where Women Learn the Secrets to Overcome Discouragement and Worry. You can access all 8 blogs in Lesson 5 HERE at JulieNGordon.com.)

It’s the same four to five WMDs (What’s Missing and Disappointing) that will continually derail you. There is an obstacle in my life in regards to my top life goals, as I’m sure there are obstacles in your life regarding you reaching your top goals. Last night before I went to bed, I accidentally stumbled into reading about someone who has conquered, overcome, and therefore reached her goals (exact goals that I have, only ones that I have not achieved.)

I felt sad, reading her story. I mean, good for her and everything. Well done. But then, the thought comes, “Why not me? Why does she get to overcome her issue and I’m here, sitting like a lump on a log, looking at the ashes falling through my fingers?” 

Awww! I hope you caught it. I hope you heard my pathetic Parade, the recurring scheme that the Enemy uses to discourage me. My negative thought was that God helps others, but He is not going to help me, and that I’m never going to overcome and solve my problem, yada, yada. Quarantine those loser/idiot thoughts, I scream to myself. Move into Another Room, I plead with my Higher Self.

You and I both have some deep neural pathways but keep Moving into Another Room. Keep walking in your calling and Genius Zone, quarantining the cries of your WMDs.

Sometimes all you can do is know the call and walk in it, even if there’s no outward evidence that you’re having success in reaching your goal. Just keep listening to the Lord, be intentional, and walk ye in it. “Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.” –Newt Gingrich, American politician, historian, and author.

I can smell that ole beast of discouragement, trying to put his large, ugly face up against my window. But I pull the curtains. I Move Into Another Room in My Brain. I get busy on the calling and purpose for which I was created, fanning into flame the gift of God.

Friend, this is an escape strategy for you. You can fight and win over discouragement, but your Enemy doesn’t want you to know this. Fight each battle as it presents itself to you. If there is an unpleasant scene on TV, you change channels, right? Now you can do this with your mind by Changing Rooms in Your Brain. 

I want to mention that you’re in a spiritual warfare, and you “wrestle not against flesh and blood, but… against the rulers of the darkness of this world…” (Eph. 6:12). Be sure, be sure, be sure, to make time to meet with God to wrestle with this unseen (but very present!) Enemy. Know your Bible well and use it as a sharp sword against the Enemy. A lot of trouble in your mind is cleared up when you consistently read the Word and are able to hear from God. This will protect you from the error of leaning in to your feelings, intuitions, and instincts (which often shove you in the wrong direction). The One who brought the world into existence knows how to solve your problems. Spend much time waiting on Him and searching His Word for answers.

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