Genie Steak Rollups

We grill steaks out a lot. I always grill extra so I can use the leftovers for Genie Steak Rollups. These are a favorite of my husband’s when he takes his lunch to the golf course. Wrap these up in paper towels and put them in a Ziploc bag. I also leave some of these in the fridge (wrapped in paper towels in Ziploc bags) for boys who are running out the door and want to grab a snack.

It’s just an assembly of a few items:

  1. Large, clean romaine leaves. Use these for the “bread”.
  2. A dressing on the romaine leaves, such as Duke’s mayo, mustard, or Durkees.
  3. The insides: leftover steak, cheese, a strip of bacon, tomatoes, scallions, etc.

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