Genie Bacon Cheeseburgers

Fast food taste, right here. The sauce for these cheeseburgers (below) tastes ridiculous! My boys frequently say, “Can you make the McDonalds’ Big Mac sauce?”

2 pounds of ground beef (preferably, grass-fed), made into 6 patties

Season patties with garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper.

Cook burgers on grill (or if you cook them on the stove, add some chopped onions while you are cooking them).

Add cheese and cooked bacon as toppings.

Put burger and toppings on a large bed of romaine and sliced tomatoes.

Now for the dazzle: THE SAUCE! (Double this and keep it in the fridge).

Mix all of these together:

½ c of Duke’s mayonnaise

2 t. tomato paste

2 t. Worcestershire sauce

2 t. horseradish sauce

¼ cup dill pickle chips, chopped finely

Your team will love these.

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