“Just finished reading your book. Love love love it! I especially love the way that it’s written in fictional form. Awesome idea!” Kerri G.

“I just finished your book and I LOVED it. I am recommending it to all of my friends.” Meredith G.

“I plan to encourage all of the women I know to read this book.” Rebecca P.

“I keep ordering more copies. You won’t know until heaven how many lives may be changed through you.” Kim M.

“I am 100 pages into your book. I can’t put it down!” Frieda K.

“WIVES…do not miss!! Many of my friends are raving over Julie Gordon’s book(s).” Chyrll V .

“You cannot imagine how much of a ‘God-breath’ this book is to me.” Amy M.

“I especially like the format you’ve used employing fictional characters. It is much more enjoyable to read than a dry ‘how-to’ book and hard to put down. I’ve already recommended it…”   Dena M.

“I laughed out loud…… I am buying this for our daughters……Wish I had had it years ago!!”     Judy F.

“My daughter gave me a copy of your book for Christmas and I read it in two days. I could not put it down. I bought several copies and sent them to people.” Sondra S.

“I tried to make (the Genie book) last as long as possible because I did not want it to end! It was absolutely amazing…..It will definitely be permanently placed in my night stand…. Can’t wait for your next book!” Heather J.

“When I first read your book, my world was rocked. I am now guiding a small group of women through your amazing book!” Elizabeth L.

“This book is written so creatively….Our pastor’s wife came across your book…. She was so impressed with your writing style and the way you changed her focus…. The fruit yielded from such a short study was staggering.” Kelsey R.

“A friend told me it was the best book she had read lately so I read it over the summer. She was correct….” Anne F.

“I have read Julie‘s book twice now. It is AMAZING. I encourage all my girlfriends to read it and follow her blog. So insightful!” Jennifer W.

“I started reading Julie’s book Saturday night and couldn’t stop.” Chelsie G.

“I really appreciated the style in which you wrote the book too.  Since Jessica is transparent and real, it allowed me to see myself without defense, thank you! I loved your book! Buying one for all my friends!” Francesca T.

“I promise you, I have had girls (that I mentor) come back and say this book has changed their lives forever. I have ordered twelve more copies and am mailing them to my closest friends.” Debbie F.

“Wish I would’ve read this 11 years ago. Best BOOK I have ever ever read!” Cherisse H.

“Please allow me to say that when something touches you the way your book has me, it takes no effort at all to show appreciation! Your book has shed so much light on every aspect of my life….I could not stop reading!” Tynesha K.

“I wish I had Julie Gordon’s (books) to follow at the beginning of my marriage: life-changing.” Cate C.

“It helps me understand what is normal for women…I can’t keep something this great to myself!!” Emily K.

“Your book truly has been life changing for me! I cannot thank you enough for writing this book.” Stephanie P.

“Your book has helped me so much…Honestly, you have no idea. I have read AA books, co-dependency books, gone to AA meetings, church services, so on…but nothing got the pieces in the slots and the gear oiled and turning the way your book did. I feel alive for the first time in 8 years…in EIGHT YEARS!” Kristin M.

“(My newest daughter-in-law) thanked me in all capital letters for giving (your book) to her! She began reading it and can’t put it down!!! She said she loves it!” Carol F.

“Thank you for your book! It has truly changed me.” Stacy R.

“I am so thankful for your book and online study. It has literally revolutionized me and is teaching me what my heart was longing for but just didn’t know how or where to go to learn these Godly truths.” Jill G.

“Your guidance and knowledge are a God-send to me.” Kim B.

“What a priceless gift I have through your book.” Erica V.

“It has been an amazing gift and it’s unlike anything else I have read.” Jessica B

“I’m so sad that Wife School is over!…I just want to thank you for writing “Life School”, I mean “Wife School” and for your emails. God has (and is continuing) to change my heart.”

“I promise you, your book has been a blessing for me and lays out everything so clearly. I have had girls (that I’ve mentored) come back and say this book has changed their lives forever. I have ordered 12 more copies and am mailing them to my closest friends that have recently married and asking them to go through it.”  

“I DO want to mention that the change in (husband’s) attitude toward me continues to be so amazing! It’s as if he’s “drawn” to me!!…I. love. it! His affection toward me meets MY deepest need.”  

“I have to brag about something that my husband did. So, last night one of the sister-in-laws…told me that my husband was bragging to her husband about how much Wife School has helped our marriage and that I have become a better wife. This truly melted my heart.”  

You’ve helped save my marriage!”  

I love the new me and so does my husband. He is amazed at my transformation. He thought it was all an act until recently he realized I really did transform.”  

Thanks, Julie! I am in a much healthier place than I’ve ever been in and I’m grateful for your truth that you give to us ladies every week! You rock!!!”  

“Remember the friend I told you that I wanted to mentor with Wife School? Her marriage was in serious crisis. Well, we are only in chapter 3 and already there have been significant changes in her marriage. Your book is speaking her language. Her hopeless situation has become hopeful and your book and Wife School Online are a large part of that.”  

“I found out this morning that a friend of mine’s husband left her this week. They have only been married for 7 months…However, I looked back on my Wife School Online lessons and wondered if my friend had done this, would it have helped? Then I moved on to tears because…you have given me the lessons to make those changes. So I just wanted to give you a pat on the back and an enormous thank you for what you do!”  

“I want you to know how very much I am loving WSO!!! My sister got me to sign up and what a blessing that she did!! We have learned so much and really enjoy discussing things with her after each lesson. I have been married (x) years in March and some of these things you have mentioned, I have never even thought of or knew! I’m astonished at how much I didn’t know about a man and wish I had done this class sooner. Our marriage was good but it has gotten even better!!!”  

Thank you again for your amazing course…I love the content.”  

“I have to say, that even in such short amount of time, I see a difference in our marriage (mainly due to the paradigm shift that’s occurring in my mind–focusing on how wonderful my husband really is). There is a sweetness returning to our relationship that hasn’t been there since our courtship (we’ve been married over 9 years). I know I’ve got lots of work to do, but I can’t thank you enough–you are a gem!”  

“I just finished Wife School and I want to thank you for opening my eyes. I noticed a difference in just two days of giving my husband the 8 A’s. I’m so excited for my new future with my husband because I know now it will only get better. I was online looking for a studio for myself so that I could leave him, when I stumbled into your website. This definitely was God sent. No doubt! I am truly grateful to you for the gift of this book. I’m sure you saved thousands of marriages. God bless you Julie and THANK YOU!”  

“I must say that the Lord is really speaking to me through your book, your emails, and your blog (which are based on His Word)! Just before I received the book, I had come to the realization that “I am married to a great man, but we may never have a great marriage”–it never occurred to me that I am the one preventing that from happening. I can’t thank you enough for allowing God to use you–I know that so many lives (including mine) are being changed. Thanks for sharing your heart & the wisdom the Lord has given you.”  

“We have been going through your book in my accountability group and IT IS AMAZING! We are only on Lesson 2 and I am already seeing results in my marriage!!! I got one of the most amazing comments from my husband the other day: “You are MY KIND OF WOMAN!” It blessed me so much!…God has blessed you with such wisdom about marriage and I am SO GLAD you are sharing your wisdom with us…IT IS SUCH A BLESSING!”  

“My new daughter-in-law told me tonight she ordered your Wife School book and that she follows your blog. You have no idea how much that encouraged me and lifted my heart! Thank you for obeying God’s call on your life! He is using your obedience to minister to my family in ways you’ll probably never know this side of Heaven!”  

“I started reading wife school Saturday night and couldn’t stop…I read the first 9 chapters! I’ve only been married 7 months and it makes me sad how many bad habits I already had that I didn’t even know about! Thankful for your book!”  

“A friend told me it was the best book she had read lately so I read it over the summer. She was correct. It gives women an insight on how to love the man God gave us.” 

I can’t thank you enough for writing this book! I have been following your book’s suggestions for the past 17 days and can’t begin to tell you the difference it has already made in my marriage.”  

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