couple-talking2-saidaonlineWomen take tennis lessons to improve their backhand, they sign up for cooking classes to improve their gourmet flare, but few women spend the necessary time to learn the Biblical principles—as well as the art—of being a fabulous wife. If you are ready to transform your marriage, a new session of Wife School Online is beginning February 19.

The foundational Scripture for this study is Proverbs 14:1. I will quote it here and I want you to look for the “husband part” of this verse. Ready? “The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish woman, with her own hands, tears hers down.” Did you notice the husband part of that verse? Right, it’s not there. From this verse we can conclude that women have incredible influence and power over whether they wisely build or foolishly tear down their house.

I believe God definitely gave men the leadership role in the family (1 Cor. 11:9) but God—and in my opinion, humorously— gave woman an equal power, that of influence! History teaches us that the power behind the throne is often the greater power. Why, the wisest man alive, Solomon, couldn’t resist the influence of his wives! So—no whining about being a woman. No whining about your husband being given the role of leader in the family. Pay the price of learning how to influence WISELY.

Think with me briefly: The heart of a woman presses her husband to behave in a certain way. What is the obvious difference of the woman who is pressing her husband to join the country club versus the woman who is asking her husband to attend a small group at their church? A woman’s spirit has a huge impact on how she influences her husband. So, is she pressing him for more status and comfort or is she pressing him for more of the Lord?  Her spirit will press him in some direction, to be sure. Influence is huge. And wives have abundant influence at their disposal. When we learn how to love our husbands in a language they can hear, they open toward our influence. Wife School Online endeavors to teach women to use their influence to honor the Lord as well as make their marriages sing.

One of my favorite promises in Scripture is “love never fails” (1 Cor. 13: 8). Isn’t that beautiful? And that is what we are doing in WSO: learning to love your husband. Loving your husband is on the short list in Titus 2 where Paul instructed the older women to teach the younger women. That Greek word for love has a “fondness” to it. What a quantum transition your mind will make as you discover what husbands want and need.

There are few things in life that you care about as much as your marriage. Do the work to learn how to be a five-star wife. The rewards are indescribable. For more information about this online class, you can visit and click on the tab, Wife School Online.

The next session of Wife School Online begins Thursday, February 19, 2015. The last day to sign up is Wednesday, February 18th. Please email if you would like to sign up.