Skinny School, Where Women Learn the Secrets to Finally Get Thin Forever is the humorous story of 28-year-old single-but-savvy Jackie Holbrook, who has struggled with an excess 40 pounds for 13 years. The secrets that Jackie learns in Skinny School “flip the switch” and enable her to achieve her goal weight by teaching her the right mentality about food and eating. If you can learn to type, you can also learn these nine life-transforming secrets which will enable you to look at junk food, desserts, excess carbs, and sugar with a new mindset. You will be able to “choose to not have it”!

This is the magic of the program, learning how to think so you can choose to eat for nutrition and hunger, not for self-soothing or entertainment! Soon you will hear yourself ask the sales clerk, “Do you have this dress in a size small?”

Skinny School, Where Women Learn the Secrets to Finally Get Thin Forever is now available on Amazon.

No matter how long you’ve struggled, the answers are now here.