Dear Friend,
SSO Blog 10.8.15
Husband School Update:
The first draft of Husband School, Where Men Learn the Secrets of Making Wives Happy is almost finished. Jason York is a Henry Cavill (of Superman fame) look-alike. He’s charming, gorgeous, and talented. Being a personal trainer to multi-millionaires in Dallas, he now wants to embark on opening a unique line of gyms across the mid-south. Everything in Jason’s life seems amazing, except his exasperating wife, Christina, who continually tells him she feels unloved and uncherished. Jason would like to get out of the marriage, but now he has a mortgage and three kids. Things are also complicated by one of Jason’s clients, Shannon Rutherford. The Genie arrives and teaches Jason how to love his wife in a language she can hear.  Is it enough to turn around the shipwreck of this marriage?
I will write you again when Husband School is available on Amazon. I am praying that your husband will learn how to love and cherish you in a way that you only dreamed about before. To be notified early about the book release, you can email David and me at We are praying for a world-class marriage for you and your husband!
Update for Skinny School Online!
The weight loss, regained health, and emotional freedom that so many of you have experienced in Skinny School is absolutely mind-blowing. I am so proud of you Champions! The course is currently being revised and improved. To be notified when the new Skinny School Online course is available, send your name and email to  No matter how many times a woman has tried and failed before, Skinny School works because it’s a program that retrains the brain how to think about food and eating. You no longer have to take orders from a brownie!
New Wife School Online Session:
Wife School Online will start a new, free 22-week session on Thursday, November 5, 2015. The deadline to sign up is Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015. Please send an email with your name and email to to register. Many church Women’s Ministries are using the 22-week for a year long curriculum (some for only a semester) transforming marriages in a colossal way. Please let us know if the Women’s Ministry at your church would like to discuss doing Wife School. 
Happy School, Where Women Learn the Secrets to Overcome Disappointment and Discouragement is the next book to be written. 🙂
Blessings to you,
Julie Gordon